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If there is something you do not understand in the course of this interactive worksheet, please come and find me by clicking the picture on the right during your respective music lessons (as reflected in your latest school timetable).

Lesson 3: Adding colours!



Recap: Remember these symbols on the right? They show us how how many beats one should hold for each sound on an instrument. 

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Also remember, we add lines at the start and end everytime the notes add up to 4 beats.


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Today, we are going to add colours to our notes!

Do you remember last week's assignment? You had to input notes of different colours? Well, there's actually an easy way to show that. You see, each colour is represented by a letter, like this:

So, this:

will look like this:

Using the Song Maker app, create the above melody and hear it for yourself by pressing the play button (the triangle) at the bottom left hand corner!

Take your time to understand what has been said.

Side note: If you are using a smartphone to access the song maker app, please go to the Song Maker's settings and change the length to 4 bars.


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No problem? Ok now you try these exercises. Remember to try first before seeing if your answers are correct!

Were your answers correct? If so, please move on. If not, please take the time to understand what was said.


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In summary, here are all the things you have learnt:


1) Input the following lines into the song maker app:








2) Once you are done, please check your work. Don't rush through. After you have checked, follow the same steps as last lesson:

a) Click save (the tick at the bottom right of the screen)

b) Click Copy Link
c) PRESS Mrs Bread's Face to submit your work.

Mrs Bread


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