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Creating your own Melody in 3 easy steps!

1) What is a Melody?
A Melody is the string of music notes that the singer uses to give his/her words a tune.
Singer in timing,
with melody
How Far I'll Go - Original Track
Singer in timing,
without melody
How Far I'll Go - Reciting in Timing without Melody
Melody only
How Far I'll Go - Melody
The music notes are 
😂 Fortunately, you don't need to learn how to read/write music notes to make your own melody! 😂
2) How to create your OWN Melody.
There are two main ways to create your own melody:
a) Using your ears, pick out certain music notes in your music to use.
Listen to the music of your Intro / Verse. When you start hearing the first chord of the verse, what notes can you hear?

Try humming out (or singing 'la' to) some of these notes. If you can't, listen and try again, paying attention to both the music and the humming (or la-ing)
Once you can pick out a few, try using them while you sing the first few words under the first chord. If it sounds wrong, try again. Remember to listen to yourself and the music.
PS: You really got to be able to hear your music clearly to pick out music notes, so make sure you have either earphones, portable speakers, or a very quiet place.
b) Use the acoustic guitar (No Autoplay) in the Garage Band.
3) Testing your OWN Melody.
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