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Secondary 2 Musical Writing Helpful Tips

Remember: The tips are supposed to help you create ideas, not stifle or frustrate you. If you already have your own ideas feel free to pick and choose which tips to follow. 

Writing your story and Organising your Script
(Term 1)

Click below for tips and lesson pointers!

Writing and Organising your Songs for the musical
(Term 2)

Song structures, lyric writing, chords and melody making. A recap of last year's learnings, click below to find out more!

Stage Direction, props and final preparations
(Term 3)

Click below to find out the things to note while going through the final preparations

The Legend of the
(2ITG, 2018)

(2CMT, 2018)

The Hope in her
(2RSP, 2018)

Five Reasons
not to Die
(2DYN, 2018)

Do what you think is Right
(2THK, 2018)

The Love of a Mother
(2ETP, 2018)

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