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Musical Song Writing Helpful Tips

Before embarking on your songwriting, please note the following:

1) What is your song supposed to be about? What message is/are the character/s trying to convey?

2) What is the tone supposed to be like? Is she sad, angry, frustrated, happy, blur? Make sure your lyrics and music reflects that!

3) You do not necessarily have to follow the V - C - V - C - B - C song structure, but you still need to keep your song in timing, even if it is just two people talking to each other in song. 

4) PLEASE READ THE WHOLE SCRIPT as a meaningful song is one that makes references to the story that is going on.

Using Garage Band.

Want to learn how to use the iPad's Garage Band to make your own original music for your own song? Click the picture below.

Writing and
Organizing your Lyrics.

Not sure how to write a good set of lyrics or organize your song into different sections? Click the picture below.

Coming up with a Melody.

Click the picture below to find out how to make your lyrics come alive by adding in your own melody!

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