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EVG FANTASIA is a yearly concert that showcases the best talents we have in our school. This year, it was organised by several student volunteers from 2ITG:

Cosby, Lucian, Davon, Jun Yi, Kaylie, Beatrice, Bernice

4:07 - 8:38
Monochrome Maestros
(Ed Sheeran's Castle on a hill)
10:10 - 13:33
Julia's 10 song mash up
15:55 - 20:30

Angelina, Dhia, Juhanisha
(Black Dress)
23:00 - 27:01

Angelina and Sylvia
(Rewrite the Stars)

0:52 - 4:50
Teh Sook Min (Titanium)
5:29 - 10:12
Athir, Afiqah, Abdul and Sufi
(Avenged Sevenfold's So far away)
10:58 - 13:50
Andrea Tung (Julia Michael's Issues)
14:35 - 17:15
Zhi Kang & Wayne Lim
(Guitar/Launchpad: Marshmello's Silence)
18:00 - 20:59
Cassandra, Aish and Sufi
(The Cranberries' Zombie)
21:50 - 26:10
Interact Club
(Together we can Change the world)
27:15 - 27:48
All performers + Shern Sze & Rhea

(Cleon & Kaisah's It's our Time)


00:00 - 1:04

All performers + Shern Sze & Rhea
(Cleon and Kaisah's It's our Time)
1:20 - 2:20
Thank you to the COMMITTEE MEMBERS

Performers (In order of appearance)
Adam Bin Muhammad Rashidin, 
Owen Shang Hao Wen, Smriti Dangi, Muhammad Syafiq Bin Jefri, Huda Bte Mohammad Kamarurrashid, Phua Hui Ying (4ITG)

Velasco Julia Lauren Pangilinan (2DYN)

Angelina Eng (1RSP) & Dhia Fizzianah Binte Ashari (1ETP)

Juhanisha Bte Md Johari (3CHR), Sylvia Tan Sze Yu (1RSP), Angelina Yap Yong Xiu (1RSP)

Teh Sook Min (5THK)

Muhammad Sufi Bin Fadzlien, Afiqah (4ETP), Muhammad Athir Bin Atbari (4DYN), Abdul (4CHR)

Andrea Tung Bee Kee (4CMT)

Lim Weijun Wayne (3DYN) & Teo Zhi Kang (3THK)

Chew Tze Xin, Ang Yenlin Britney (2RSP), Yap Xin Yi (1ITG), Joanne Loo Size Min (1RSP), Sim Xuan Victoria (2CMT), Chua Yu Le (1ITG)

Rhea & Shern Sze (3RSP)

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