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This year, our  EVG's Got Talent Committee  managed to get a full  two period time slot in the hall!  A Collaboration between Sec 4NT and the Music Department, this concert was a resounding celebration of  music,  dance and  even  launchpad-ing that brought together the very best talents EVG had to offer!  Needless to say, we are very proud of each and every  student who was involved.

EVG's Got Talent 2017.

Our Talents
(In Order of Appearance)

Cold Fire Pop Band
Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

Kyin Moon Khine (2THK)

Muhd Hazim Bin Azmi (2DYN)

Fiona Aljeane C. Caritativo (2DYN)

Teo Zhi Kang (2DYN)

Siti Nasuha Binte Ruslan (1CMT)

Claudia Tan Ting Yi (1CMT)

Millenium Rock Pop Band
Amnesia X Send my Love

Cleon Lim (2ETP)

Tan Jung Xyan, Juniz (1THK)

Velasco Julia Lauren Pangilinan (1DYN)

Sophia Seah (1DYN)

Nam Jie won (1DYN)

Launch Pad Performance
Something Just Like This - Chainsmokers

Lim Weijun, Wayne (2DYN)

How Far I'll Go - Moana
Cua Rhea Jasmin Cua (2RSP)

Lim Shern Sze (2RSP)

Believer - Imagine Dragons X Faded - Alan Walker mash up

Jared Chong Geng Zhong (4CMT)

Teh Sook Min (4THK)

Still into you - Paramore

Nadrah (5DYN)

Khairiz Haikel (5DYN)

Muhammad Athir (3DYN)

Dance Performance

Lee Zhi Qi (1DYN)

Nadia Sazliana Binte Salam (3THK)

Nobody Knows - Lumineers X Something just like this - Chainsmokers
Pei Sze (4CMT)

Lim Joo Ee (4RSP)

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