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Songwriting 101: Lesson 4

Reciting your lyrics over your base track!
0) Please make sure you share your base track as a project with all the members of your group:

1) Assign some members to the verse and some members to the chorus:

2) Ensure the Garageband app
is toggled to play "All Sections".

3) Familiarise yourself with the base track, starting from 2 - 4 bars before your designated section to the end of your designated section.

4) After familiarising yourself with the base track,
try recording yourself reciting the lyrics of your
as the base track is being played.
Make sure the metronome is on!

You may...

       a) start slightly before the 1st beat of your section.
       b) on the 1st beat of your section.
       c) slightly after the 1st beat of your section.

5) How you decide should be based on the guideline: stressed sounds on stressed beats, unstressed sounds on unstressed beats. 

6) Once you are done with 1 - 4 lines, decide whether or not to keep what you just did by asking yourself the following questions:

                    a) Does you sound natural? Ans: Yes
                    b) Is it easy to do? Ans: Yes
                    c) Is it clear when one line starts and ends? Ans: Yes
                    d) Do you have space to breathe? Ans: Yes
                    e) is it clear when the section ends? Ans: Yes
                    f) are there words overlapping? Ans: NO

7) If no issue then carry on. If you think there's an issue click undo and record again.

Please note:
i) If you feel you need to edit the lyrics to fit the base track please go ahead.
ii) If you start to feel like singing your lyrics please go ahead (but keep your music teacher updated).
Song structure.png

Grp Member 1 +2  -->

Group Member 4  -->

Group Member 3  -->

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