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Songwriting 101: Lesson 5

Creating a Melody to sing your lyrics!
0) Please make sure your base track has a voice reciting your lyrics in timing with the music. A gentle reminder it should be reciting in timing with the music and not just talking while the music is playing!!

1) Watch the video below to understand what are music notes, and what's the relationship between music notes and music chords.

This is the list of notes within the chords provided in Lesson 3:

3) Now, you just need to choose notes from the chords that are being played at the moment. Place them on top of your lyrics. 


You may use notes that are not part of the chord IF these conditions are met.
a) They are not on the beat.
b) They are beside a note that is part of the chord.
c) It doesn't sound weird.

As usual, focus on keeping the melody simple by
i) repeating melody lines (AABA, AABB, AAAB, ABAB)
ii) using mostly repeated notes and side step motion.
iii) Avoid consecutive wide jumps (>3)

4) In summary, steps to take:
> Figure out what your melody lines are and write them down in your google doc.
> Practice playing the chosen music notes on the piano in timing with the reciting.
> Record the playing of the chosen music notes on the piano.
> Try singing the lyrics, following the timing of the reciting and the tune of the piano melody.
> Record your singing. If no issue, delete the reciting and the piano melody.

chords and notes.png
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