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Songwriting 101: Lesson 1
Planning to write a meaningful song

1a) Outer/inner layers of a song.

Diagram part 3.tif

A meaningful song usually has two layers: an inner layer and an outer layer, as shown in the diagram above. Watch the video below to understand what these two layers are all about.





Once you have finished watching the video above, fill up and submit Worksheet 1a before carrying on to the next part of the lesson.

1b) Guidelines for a great inner layer.

A meaningful inner layer makes all the difference. To create a meaningful inner layer, there are four questions you should ask yourself:

1) Does it come from the heart?

2) Is the inner layer obvious when other people listen to your song?

3) Is it positive?

4) Can people empathise / relate with your inner layer?

Watch the following video to better understand these four questions:


Once you have finished watching, fill up and submit Worksheet 1b before carrying on to the next part of the lesson.

1c) Planning to write your own meaningful song!

The time has now come to start planning to write your own meaningful song!


Step 1: Gather into groups of 3 - 4. Standard grouping guidelines apply.

Step 2: Create a google doc to be shared among your group mates.

Step 3: Click the button on the right to see an example: 

Step 4: Using the template found in the example, brainstorm and come up with the inner layer and outer layer of your song. 

Please note: You don't have to write out the lyrics yet, but if you have lyrics you want to include you may do so.

Step 5: Once you are done, click the link below to submit your names, class and google doc link. Please make sure your google doc link is only accessible by your group mates and by your respective music teachers.

Please note you may still continue working on your plans even after you have submitted.


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