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Our Classes

Here at Evergreen we provide General Music Programme classes for both Sec 1 and Sec 2 classes whole year round.


Our Aims

"[The General Music Programme] is a key platform upon which every child is provided a basic music education, giving them opportunities to develop a connection to music. This contributes to the future development and preservation of Singapore’s cultural heritage. Music, being an integral part of many cultures, also provides a means to raise global awareness amongst students. The processes involved in music performing and creating develop skills such as listening skills, fine motor skills, creative thinking skills and social skills. Music enables students to express their thoughts and ideas."

                  -Taken from MOE Lower Secondary Music Syllabus 2015

Our Contact

Music Coordinator (2013 - )

Mr Samuel Soong

Music Teacher (2020 - )
Mr Nelson Lam



I Believe - Esther Whey
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Our Curriculum

Secondary  1   

Term 1 (WK 1 - 10): Learn the basics of Rap

Term 2 (WK 1 - 6): Melody Writing using iPads.

Putting into practice the concepts we learnt in Term 1, we grouped into groups of 4 - 5 and, using a bunch of cool stuff like iPads and belkin 6-way connectors, we came together to create our very own versions of our favorite pop songs!

It was scary performing for our teachers and friends, but at the end of the day we got our very own videos and a chance to perform our own hard work, so that's nice!

Term 3 (WK 1 - 10): Song Writing.

After having a taste of performing pop songs using chords and iPads, it was time to create our very own songs!

We were allowed to go solo, gather in pairs, or group into groups of three, although that was not advised because, in three or more, chances were that someone would not get their ideas heard.

Anyway, using great software like iPad's Garage Band and MOE's Musically Singaporean, we were taught how to write nice lyrics, how to choose nice sets of chords, how to write a simple melody, and last but not least given a chance to write our VERY OWN SONG! We could choose any topic as long as it did not warrant a trip to the school counselor (or the Discipline master). What an experience it was, to be able to write our own song!

Term 4 (WK 1 - 3): Performing our very own Pop Songs!

After writing finish our songs, we had to perform it! Fortunately, rather than being forced to perform in front of our friends in class, we were given the option of recording our performance in our very own EVG recording studio after school! This option allowed us to work with slightly calmer nerves!

After all of us had recorded, our recordings were placed into various class CD albums entitled [insert class name]'s Greatest Hits 20__! 

Secondary 2

Term 1 (WK 1 - 10): iPad Garage Band Pop Song Covers

This term we had the wonderful opportunity of learning how to play in a Gamelan Ensemble as a class!

We would first learn the names of the different instruments, their roles in the music pieces, and how each one is played differently!


We learnt what a melody is and its role in the piece, the importance of playing together, the importance of performing etiquette like keeping quiet before the performance starts and keeping quiet after the performance ends, and how to read the numerical system for notating Gamelan pieces used in our school!


At the end of the term we were assessed as a class based on our performances of three pieces!

Term 2 (WK 1 - 6): Pop Song Covers with real instruments

This term we had the wonderful opportunity of learning how to play in a Ukelele Ensemble as a class!

We would first learn the chords we were going to use, how to play them, the names of the different percussion instruments and how they are played differently!

We were assessed based on a performance we put together for a pop song cover of our choosing!

Term 3 (WK 1 - 10): Keyboard Ensemble (with Percussions)

This term we had the wonderful opportunity of learning how to play as a Keyboard Ensemble!

We would learn the different parts of a song (i.e. melody, harmony and bass) and learn how to play them on the keyboards provided!

We were assessed based on three pop songs we performed together!

Term 4 (WK 1 - 3): 'Garage' Band (with Percussions)

This term, being our final term, we just let loose! Being able to choose from a myriad of instruments like boomwhackers, Angklungs, handbells, tambourines, cajons, egg shakers and ukeleles, we had fun coming together to play pop song covers, GARAGE BAND-esque style! 

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