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National Day Musical 2017

In 2017, we had the wonderful privilege of working with ELDDS and the National Day Committee to put up a Musical about several founding fathers of Singapore: Lim Kim San, Eddie Barker, Othman Wok, David Marshall, S Rajaratnam and Goh Keng Swee. We are very proud to present to you #OneNationTogether, a musical written and performed by our very talented students! 

Our Very own Pop band, Millenium Rock, provided the Music for all the Original Songs!

E W Barker Song
(On Separation)

Written by Lim Shen Sze (2RSP)

Verse 1

We were lost ,
Of what the future holds
we were lost,
Regretted what we chose
we were exhausted

Of not being who we are

We couldn't find our soul

Deep down in a hole



Facing criticism over and over

Having division between one another

We were all in pieces

All we wanted was peace

Verse 2

The separation with Malaysia

The separation we were so unsure

Despite the painful separation

He didn't let us down

And turn our lives around


Lim Kim San Song
(On HDBs & Bukit Ho Swee Fire)

Written By Bernice Lim Yu Yun (2ITG)

Verse 1

Remember that day

When Singapore had it's biggest fire

People were homeless and shattered in pieces

Their homes were in blazing flames


My father, my father

He made it all happen

Provided the people with
affordable houses

Many found homes that could
last them forever

Lim Kim San made everything
come together


Verse 2

Despite the painful Bukit Ho Swee Fire

His leadership has done us a favour

The man who helped to
house a generation

Known as the builder of Singapore


Othman Wok Song 
(On Racial Riots and Racial Harmony)

Written by Cua Rhea Jasmin Boquiron (2RSP)

Verse 1

We may look different from others

We may speak different languages

That makes us think we're walked over

Fighting hard which is wrong because


Acceptance and love is what we need,

We had othman wok to take the lead.

These racial riots puts us to the test,

He did all he could to his very best.

Verse 2

We all live harmoniously,

We treat each other like family.

my dearest brothers and sisters,

Let’s all stay happy and free



David Marshall Song
(On Labour front and beliefs)

Written by Nur Kaisah Bte Abdul Kadir (2CMT)


Verse 1
He formed Labour Front

He wasn’t afraid to confront

Dealt with strikes and riots

But it didn’t stop his efforts

Self-government was the end goal

That fuelled his soul

He wanted to work for the people

To ensure they were all equal



Stepping down didn’t mean losing a voice

For he believed Singapore still
had a choice

He kept his word

With Singapore forever meaning the world

Verse 2

Fought the colonialists,

He also fought the communists

Standing up for what was right

He believed we were worth the fight

Self-government was the end goal

That fuelled his soul

He wanted to work for the people

To ensure they were all equal




Sincere, courageous and honest

His contributions are to be remembered
He wanted to work for the people

To ensure they were all equal


Goh Keng Swee Poem
(On the starting of NS in Singapore)

Written by Afiq B Faisal (2ETP)

1. I remember, the endless calls,

The pile of forms and crowded halls.

Our boys, scared and unsure

Who were worrisome, of the future

They left right after school,

As they turned eighteen,

When they went into camp.

Where boys became men

2. Down in the camps,
Lit only by lamps,

Our boys endured tough days.

They wake before dawn,
march through the day

In 24 months they are eternally changed

Along came the end of their weekly routine

Bear fatigue,
you were free to leave,

Be good through the week,
and you’ll get your pass

Otherwise you'd be sat and ‘confined’


3. Nearing the end of their two year regime,

Units rehearse and rehearse for days.

with all their might,
to perform for one night

For us to see them in colourful berets

On our national tv we see this unfold

Not knowing their struggles,
but a sight to behold

After their time in the national day parade,

pack up their things and disband their brigade.

saddening to them they are eternally changed

Through the great times and stories exchanged.

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