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Teacher's Day Musical 2016

This year marked the very first time we tried to put together a musical written and performed by very own talented students! It is the story of how a new student, Almond, through the constant support of her teacher Mrs Walnut, finds the courage to break through her own shortcomings and succeed in Evergreen Secondary!

Lim Shee-Ann
Lim Joo Ee
Loo Kar Yee
Lead Singer
Sheryl Foo
Teh Sook Min
Lead Singer
Zhi Kang
Jared Chong

Starts at 8:21!

Ends at 4:30!

The Script

Narrator: Now, enough of the excitement. Let’s begin the story. There was once a girl called Almond. She spent all her time playing. With the little time she had left, she would try her best to find quick solutions.  It became a habit for her to always look for quick fix solutions especially for her studies.As a result, she did poorly in Primary School. Eventually, the day finally came for her to attend secondary school. It so happens that she was posted to Evergreen Secondary School.

[Almond enters from back of stage]

Almond: Today is the first day of school! I feel so nervous… hopefully things will be different…

[SIX MONTHS LATER, MID YEAR RESULTS… flashed on screen, cue INTRO for SONG 1]

[Almond sitting at her chair and desk, looking anxious. Mrs Walnut walks over to her and takes out a sheet of paper and puts it on her table. She does not even look up, just stares blankly at her paper.]

WHY (song 1)

INTRO: [G        D/F#    Em       C] X2

G                                    D/F#    Em                          C

What can I say, what can I do, why is it I just can't breakthrough!
G                                        D/F#          Em                                   C

I've tried so hard, but it's not enough, why is my life here just sooo tough
G                           D                Em        Em/D                      C
I started school, full of hope, now in six short months I cannot cope

G                           D/F#                        Em      Em/D                      C
Failed again, just like primary school, fail and fail again, I'm such a fool 


Am7                                 Dsus   D        B/D#                            Em        Em/D   

Why is my life still the same?                Why is it I just can’t seem to change!
Am                              Dsus     D       [Repeat INTRO]
Am I meant to be a failure all my…        Life…

Almond: I’m so useless! I don’t understand anything! Why can’t I study! Why!!


[Mrs Walnut is about to pack and leave the class when she hears Almond’s outburst]


Mrs Walnut: Almond, why are you crying? Is it because of your Mid Year Exam results?


Almond: Yes. I did it again. I failed. [nods her head, head is still down]

Mrs Walnut’s RESPONSE (song 2)

INTRO: A         A2          Asus     A  [REPEAT]


Mrs Walnut:
A                      Bm/A       D/A          A    F#m                 C#m            D         E
Almond, look up. Now don’t be sad. Look here, look there, it’s not so bad.
A                      Bm/A       D/A          A      F#m                 C#m            D         E         [hold]
You see, it’s not the end of the race, failure gives victory a better taste

                   A                          E/G#          F#m      F#m/E                D                         A/C#             Bm            E
You really think that I can do it, but it’s so hard…  I have tried but I can’t tell these numbers apart!
                   A                          E/G#          F#m      F#m/E                               D                             E                    [Repeat Intro]       
Anyway what do you know, you’re a teacher so it means that your school grades were the kinds I only dream.
Mrs Walnut:
Almond, you know, I was like you. I used to fail in my own school.
But something gave me victory, it was something my teacher said to me

Almond: Oh teacher it is late will you please tell me what he said,
Mrs Walnut: He said “follow the star, and you’ll be cured by far.
Almond: A star it seems, oh teacher won’t you please tell me what it means
Mrs Walnut: Relax, my dear, it will all come to you.

A          A2          Asus     A 
A          A2          Asus     A 
                             (Slow down)

[Mrs Walnut smiles and walks off backstage] [Almond thinks for a while, then shouts]

Almond: Wait! Mrs Walnut!


[Almond runs up to Mrs Walnut but Mrs Walnut has already went backstage] [Almond wanders around while talking to herself]


Almond: Star, star, star… What star could it be?


[walks around some more]


Almond: Oh! I know I know! Could it be? KPOP stars? Omg! It must be! It must be KPOP stars! I knew it!


[KPOP video plays with Almond looking at screen, trying to emulate] [KPOP dance video]

[Mrs Walnut enters while Almond is singing]

Almond: How did I do? Was the singing nice? Am I one step closer to finding that one star that will save me? I must be!

Mr Walnut: Of course that was a wonderful performance, but perhaps you should do that after the examinations. Your current academic performance isn’t very good. There is a time and place for everything, so let’s focus on your studies first, alright?


Almond: But you said find the star! You said it! Isn’t this a star? [runs off]


[Mrs Walnut tries to respond but almond just runs backstage. Mrs Walnut sighs instead]


Mrs Walnut: You need to find the right star, Almond.


[Shakes her head and returns backstage]

[Almond runs back out, paces back and forth]

Another Star (song 3)

Intro: Am         F         C         G         [4X]
Dm                                  Dm/C                   Bb                                            Gm

I must find the right star to pass the tests, just find that one star don’t care about the rest
Dm                              Fmaj7/C                  G/B                                       Bb

If it isn’t KPOP then what can it be            My gosh why’s she doing this to me

Am               F                  C                  G

Maybe just one more try Maybe just one more fight

Am               F                      C                 G
Maybe just one more time I’ll make it right

Am                 F                   C                      G             F
Just need to find the star, That will give me great success


[Musical interlude: just repeat chorus]

[During Musical interlude, Almond looks at her phone as she has just received a text]

Dm                                    A/C#                 F/C                                              G/B

Hazelnut what news do you bring to me, Just spot some chapters you say its easy
Gm2/Bb                                Dm/A                   E7/G#                                              Asus          (HOLD)
Could this be the star I’ve been looking for?   Oh thank goodness for this open door!


Maybe just one more try One day I’ll see the light

Maybe just one more time I’ll make it right

Just need to find the star That will give me great success


Study these few points and I’ll ace my CAs

One page here one page there I’ll be alright
Spotting the chapters must be the star I’m searching for


[1 MONTH LATER, CA TESTS RESULTS… [flashed on screen] [Almond sits at her desk and chair]

[Mrs Walnut comes in and passes Almond the result slip]


Almond: It’s here. I will pass. I know it.


[Almond looks at her result in disbelief]

Almond: How is this possible? Why? Why didn’t I pass? But I’ve found so many stars! Why can’t I still pass?!


[Almond cries and Mrs Walnut walks up to her]

Mrs Walnut: Don’t cry anymore Almond. We will try harder next time. Just don’t give up, alright?


Almond: Go away Mrs Walnut! Your advice has done nothing for me! There’s no such thing as a star! From now on, I’m not going to depend on any silly stars anymore! NO MORE!

The Pursuit (song 4)
Intro: Am       Ddim/A      Fdim/A   Am      Dm2     Ebdim        Esus   E

Verse 1:
Am       Ddim/A      Fdim/A   Am   Dm2     Ebdim        Esus   E
What to do, what to say               I feel like I'm stuck either way
Am       Ddim/A      Fdim/A   Am   Dm2     Ebdim        Esus   E
Useless stars, they won't help me In the end it's up to me 

F                 C                          Am                                          Em 
Only I can change my fate      To change what’s been happening of late 
F                          C                      Dsus    D
Taking the step forward to success 
F                             C                             Am                                          Em 
No more stalling, no more tears               It’s time to stand and face my fears
F                          C                Dsus    D

Taking the step forward to success 

Verse 2:
I will make History, my ticket to victory.
Literature, no longer, will be an untamed creature

I’ll study physics like Einstein, my bio notes will be divine
English will no longer be gibberish

Sheer hard work will be my star, With Sheer Hard work I will go far

My very future lies in my own hands

à flashed on screen]


[Almond is sitting down at her desk again. Mrs Almond is returning exam scripts.]


Almond looks scared, but her face glows as she looks at her script.


Almond: I got A1!! Mrs Walnut! I did it! I did it!

Mrs Walnut: Congrats!! Good job Almond! You deserved it!


Almond: For the first time in my life I’ve really sat down and put my heart and mind into it. No Shortcuts! And I did it!


Mrs Walnut: So how do you feel?


Almond: I feel great, like I’ve finally accomplished something! Mrs Walnut, now that everything is over and I’m on the right track, could you tell me what the star was?


Mrs Walnut: Well… if you must know, the star is… you. It’s always been within you. The truth is, there’s no special star other than your own sheer will and determination. Without you and your effort, nothing else will help you do well, not just in tests but in life as well.


Almond: Ohhh... Well you know what I think?


Mrs Walnut: What?

Almond: I think you are the real star! Mrs Walnut, you’ve always been there for me, guiding me along, helping me. You are the real star in all this!

Thank you Song (song 5)

Intro: C  Csus C Csus

C                                  G/B

When I fell down you picked me up
Am                               Am/G

Without hesitation or a doubt

F                      C/E

When I was down, you were there

Dm                                            G

There to shower me with your care
C                                  G/B

Encouragement, comfort, consolation

Am                            Am/G
Never leaving me in isolation

              F                                    E                   Am
So now I want to show some appreciation
Dm                     G
for your dedication

   F                      G
I know, I know its not easy
Em                               Am

Especially when you’re so busy


Marking homework

giving tuition
Dm                      G

Giving so much patience

F                                          G

Students aren’t the only one

E/G#              Am

Struggling in competitions
                   F                                     E         Am

You’re all struggling so hard for all our futures
Dm              G                             C    Csus    C    Csus

Thanks we express from our hearts…

Verse 2
You treat us like your children, sharing with us your experience
despite all of our ignorance Treating you like our enemy

When we often take you for granted That you’ll always be there when we need you
So now we want to show some appreciation for your dedication


[repeat chorus] [Almond, Mrs Walnut, Joo Ee, Shee-Ann and musicians come to the front to take a bow]

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